Why Potter should consider giving more game time to Aubameyang than Havertz.

With the appalling performances of Chelsea's squad, one would discover that Chelsea's poor performances point to Chelsea's poor scoring ability.

Meanwhile, this (Chelsea's poor performances) might be addressed and put to a stop, if Potter should consider giving Aubameyang more playing time ahead of Havertz.


Aubameyang is a natural striker while Havertz is a false nine: The Gabon and Chelsea football club's striker, Aubameyang might not be in top form at the moment, but let us not forget that he is a natural striker (nine) who possesses more goalscoring sensitivity than that of Kai Havertz. The days of Aubameyang at Borussia Dortmund, Arsenal, and Barcelona can never be easily written off. Besides Aubameyang hasn't had much game time as a Chelsea striker as that Havertz, which to me, is not quite enough to say that Aubameyang ain't good.

Aubameyang has more striking sensitivity than Havertz: A good spectator would observe that the defenders of Tottenham Hotspur became very busy and strictly focused on marking Aubameyang after his introduction into the game, shows that they ( the defenders of Tottenham Hotspur) respect the fact that Aubameyang is a natural striker who should be strictly marked to prevent him from scoring. But Tottenham Hotspur was a bit reluctant when Havertz was spearheading the attacking position. This is because Havertz does not possess sufficient sensitivity (needed by every striker for excellence and scoring of goals).

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